Purple Tech Projects

Name Description Links
i2pd C++ re-implementation of the Invisible Internet Protocol (I2P). I2P was originally developed in Java, with the C++ version originally beginning development in 2014 by Privacy Innovations. Active development continues on the PurpleI2Pd fork.
Freenet We've contributed dozens of times to the Freenet Project's reference daemon as we prepare a C++ re-implementation of it.
i2pdbrowser I2P Browser Bundle, a la Tor Browser Bundle. Firefox ESR release preconfigured for connecting to I2P/eepsites.
i2pchat Secure P2P messaging application for I2P.
XD Anonymous filesharing, a standalone BitTorrent client writte in GoLang which knows only the I2P network.
GOSTCoin I2P-enabled cryptocurrency based on Soviet GOST algorithm